Frequent Questions

1 – What is the difference between the manual, automatic and semi-automatic machine?

In manual machines that we do not manufacture, the operator must be present throughout the recording of the disc. What demands full attention during the process. For example: The operator must be attentive to the end of each song (track) to extend the distance between grooves generating the space of silence. In addition to other aspects of machining that require permanent concentration.

The automatic version generates all the head movements automatically, commanding the control of the songs, silence space, raising and lowering of the head at the precise moment required. Therefore, the operator only has to program the machine and place the disc.

The semi-automatic system fulfills the same aspects of the automatic version remotely controlled from a control panel (command) where all the movements and machining of the head are carried out by pressing the corresponding button. For example: to separate one song from another, simply press a button.

2- From which device can I record?

The machine has 2 power signal inputs so it is possible to record from open tape, CD player, cassettes, record player, laptop, cell phone, tablet, microphone, etc.

3 – How long does the cutting tool last?

The machine cuts with a real diamond which lasts between 200/300hrs of continuous recording. Depending on the care of him.

6 – How is the security and guarantee of the machine?

The guarantee is for one year. The machine has the latest technology . All of its parts are interchangeable. The cover should not be disassembled or remove like any device . All connections and internal wiring are secured with SILICONE TO AVOID TRANSPORTATION AND VIBRATION DEFECTS, keep in mind that being a Mechatronic device intended for everyone around the world. It suffers from a long trip to reach the destinations, for which the care of air, land transport , customs inspections are considered.

7- Do i need previously knowledge to be able to manipulate the machine?

The knowledge required is general audio and physics. In addition, the purchase of the machine includes a personalized online course and a manual for its implementation.

8-How is the form of purchase and delivery.

To purchase our products, the customer must travel to Cochabamba – Bolivia, where the payment and withdrawal is made personally.
In addition to receiving training for the operation and start-up of the machine

10- What financing facilities do you offer?

10- What financing facilities do you offer?
The financing can be in installments that adjust to the possibilities of the client. The manufacturing process of said machine will progress to the extent that it pays said amounts.

11- Can I buy the machine in separate parts?

The machine can be purchased in separate parts since it can be dismantled into four parts. The client can receive and order them according to their times.

12- By what is the machine sent and what are the shipping and export charges?

Shipments are made only by FeDex company in which we trust. Shipping and export charges are the responsibility of the customer.

13- What implementation do I need to use the machine?

  • Commercial/industrial vacuum cleaner
  • laser thermometer
  • Solid structure table for its installation
  • High torque turntable (depending on the model purchased)
  • An appropriate environment is required since there cannot be air currents or dust particles that interfere with the recording